November and the exhibitions in Milan

We know that in November the days start to get shorter, becoming more grey and darker.

However, to fight the cold and the sadness of this month, we have chosen for you four exhibitions not to be missed, that will lift your mood and will make you travel in time and space. Let’s begin!

Emotions of the athletic body

Until 27th November, “Emotions of the athletic body” will be hosted at the Armani/Silos in Borgognone street: it is an exhibition personally conceived by Giorgio Armani to celebrate sport in all its shades and the athletes, who are considered as heroes because they exceed their limits. The exhibition presents black and white pictures, selected personally by the fashion designer, of athletes from 1985 until today. It presents a feature that sport lovers will appreciate: the floor of the building is covered in red and white, so that they will have the perception to be on a real running track.

Wildlife photographer of the year

If you love nature and are a photography enthusiast, until 4th December at Fondazione Luciana Matalon the “Wildlife photographer of the year 2016” exhibition will enchant you with its 100 pictures winners of the naturalistic photography contest announced by the Natural History Museum of London and arrived in Italy thanks to the support of the city of Milan. The pictures, taken by professional photographers from all over the world, show the Planet in all its shapes and from perspectives never seen before!

At the exhibition you can also try an experience of virtual reality, thanks to Oculus, a viewer that you will directly put on your face, so that it will give you the feeling to be in the middle of nature.

Homo sapiens. Le nuove storie dell’evoluzione umana

Always speaking about nature, we also recommend you the exhibition “Homo sapiens. Le nuove storie dell’evoluzione umana”: at Mudec Museum it is told the story of humanity and the birth of cultural and linguistic diversities of today, through a study by linguists, scientists and anthropologists. An exhibition not to be missed for history and nature lovers in order to understand the origins of the human being.

You can visit the exhibition until 26th February. The price of the ticket is 12 euros for the full-priced ticket and 6 euros for the reduced one. Visitors aged between 14 and 26 years old will pay a special price of 10 euros.

L’apparenza di ciò che non si vede

The fourth appointment to be signed in your agenda is Armin Linke’s exhibition “L’apparenza di ciò che non si vede”, presented at PAC, the Contemporary Art Pavilion on the occasion of the twelfth Contemporary Day dedicated to the Italian Art. The exhibition tells the journey of the artist around the world with the purpose of taking pictures of the effects of global transformation and the connection of today’s society through new technologies and digital information. A kind of logbook of the continuous changes of our society.

The exhibition will be hosted at PAC until 6th January. The price of the ticket is 8 euros for the full ticket and 6.50 euros for the reduced one. Visitors who will go to the exhibition on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7pm will pay a reduced price of 4 euros.

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