August 2016

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Anyone passing in Milan, for short or long periods, certainly will devote at least a few hours for shopping because here you can find everything, for all budgets and all tastes. With this article we want to show you more or less known places to spend...

In Italy is said that "the world is beautiful because various" and in Milan the are many things you can do as there are so many bars and restaurants located around the city. But there are some really special that leave customers speechless. We selected five...

Italy is famous for its culture and history all over the world. Compared to most Italian cities, Milan seems to have lost in time one of the most common historical aspects in our country: fountains. Just think, for example, of Rome, another major city in Italy: how many fountains...

Milan is a symbol of the most innovative cities in Italy, but have you ever wondered who were the true innovators that made Milan great? In this article we will take you to discover the most significant inventions that originated in our city! In Milan was born the...

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