In Milan among historical and modern Barber Shops

In Milan are coming back to life the vintage Barber Shops, directly inspired by the hairdressers for men only that were typical in the first decade of the last century in order to get your hair and beard cared. Today many historical barber shops still exist that are considered the true sector institutions, and now are growing up more and more of new generation, following the vintage trend.

Let’s discover together some of the Barber Shops in the city, like the old ones “l’Antica Barbieria Colla” and “Parrucchiere Antonio” or the new ones “Bullfrog Barber Shop” and “Tonsor Club”.

The Antica Barbieria Colla was born in 1904 and is the most famous and the oldest barber shop in the heart of the city, situated in via Gerolamo Morone 3.

The Shop was opened by Dino Colla in the first years of ‘900 and is still a place where businessmen, artists and politicians love to take care of their beards in a vintage atmosphere. The furniture and accessories inside the shop recreate the particular atmosphere of a place suspended in time, where the customers can enjoy a traditional shaving.

Parrucchiere Antonio was opened in 1965 in Milan by the brothers Antonio and Lorenzo, who for 30 years have been  modelling the style of many Milanese people.

The shop, in the heart of Milan, is mainly attended by an exclusive public made of intellectuals, professionals, performers, artists and journalists. In this historical barber shop the shaving ritual is attended with the most attention in order to give the customers the best comfort and a perfect shave.

The Tonsor Club represents one of those new-generation Barber Shop that are really famous in the city. The Tonsor Club was born by an idea of Stefano and Mauro, who are already popular for their hair salon on the Navigli.

The idea of Tonsor Club is to recreate a real barber shop inspired by the ‘30s, where it’s possible to listen to jazz music and drink something while having your beard shaved and your moustache adjusted. The concept is based on the traditional Italian small shops, but with a reinterpretation in a modern way, thanks to the new stylistic currents that are characterizing the Italian style.

The Bullfrog Barber Shop was born in 2013 in Milan, with the purpose of becoming the point of reference for the true experts of the traditional Barber Shops.

The idea comes from Romano Brida, who decided to import the concept of Barber Shops in Italy after a journey in New York, where these kind of shops are already successful, adapting the idea to the Italian tradition. In this shop, in effect, the experience of the shaving, handed down from generation to generation, is blended with the best international techniques.

If you are fascinated by the vintage style and want to pamper yourself with a real gentleman style, you only need to come to Milan and make a reservation at your preferred Barber’s Shop. And if you want to continue your journey in a place characterized by the mix of vintage and modernity, we are waiting for you at Hotel Cavour.

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