Raffaello 3D, a multimedia journey to discover the great artist

If you love art and technology at the same time, Milan will surely surprise you with "Raffaello 2020", a world preview at the Permanente Museum, which can be visited till February 2.

The exhibition

Raffaello in 3d mostra Milano

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An exhibition, but not only: that at the Permanente is an extraordinary immersive multimedia exhibition dedicated to the great Urbino's painter, who celebrates the 500th anniversary of his death. A real 3D tribute to one of the most extraordinary artists of all time.

Five rooms, a multimedia sensory journey and an immersive area: an unpublished 45-minute story dedicated to the life and works of Raphael unfolds 360 degrees up to the room, through an overview of the places where it is born and where he lived. The viewers will be able to "physically" drop right in those places, through immersive video mapping that will animate corners, sounds and colors, thus recreating the historical and geographical context of the artist's works.

In Olograms Theatre, however, it will be possible to meet the great Maestro together with some of the characters who have most influenced his human and artistic development. From the birth of Raphael, which took place in Urbino in 1483, until the early death at the Papal Court in Rome in 1520, viewers will be able to follow the life path of Raphael step by step, scenography after scenography. A simply memorable path.   

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Practical information

Place: Permanente Museum, Via Filippo Turati, 34

Hours: Monday: 2.30pm-7pm / Tuesday-Friday: 10.30-19 (on Thursday the exhibition will still be open 30 minutes longer than the other days for the guided tour) / Saturday and Sunday: 9.30-19.30

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