Milan on show

In autumn Milan has a particular charme: colours and scents change in an almost slight way and the whole city is preparing to welcome the last sunset’s glare, that is now arriving more and more early.

Even if darkness comes faster, Milan is famous for being a city that “never sleeps” and this is a period of several cultural and interesting events’ opening. Definitely it’s the right moment for saying it: Milan shows off these days!

If you’re thinking about taking advantage of this fascinating frame in order to set your stay at Hotel Cavour, you cannot miss the numerous appointments that the city has on the schedule: today we have chosen some of them for you!


Palazzo Reale,

29/09 – 28/01

Palazzo Reale has been a reference place for the city’s culture for a long time thanks to its schedule, full of exhibitions that recall the attention of tourists and local as well. From 29 September, the appointment with the painter Caravaggio, defined as “genius and damned”, can’t be missed. A journey among 20 masterpieces that represent the most contradictory and charming features of the artist, a gallery of invaluable beauty that is able to make the spectators think about the painter from an artistic and human point of view. An unmissable journey!

Besides, still at Palazzo Reale, there is good news for those who really love history: from 21 September to 28 January, the association “Amici della Scala” will restore and show for the first time 24 costumes of Teatro alla Scala drawn by well-known costume designers! A parade that will let you come back to the past for real!



29/09 – 8/10

Milan takes you to the cinema in autumn: even this year there are going to be a lot of news for the 22nd edition of Milano Film Festival.

A real celebration of the cinematographic storytelling characterized by showings, contests, eccentric initiatives (as the original “Adotta un regista”) and interesting debates with the experts in the field. Among the events we’d like to point out the photo exhibition “Enrico Appetito per Michelangelo Antonioni sul set 1959 – 1964”, at BASE Milano, that displays the movie-set archaeology of the famous director and analyses his relationship with nature.

Milano Film Festival will make you completely lose yourselves in the overwhelming world of the “seventh art”!


Museo delle Culture MUDEC

12/09 – 7/01

Pursuing its intercultural vocation, the Museo delle Culture (MUDEC), is always able to reply to the questions from a cultural environment constantly on the move, preparing exhibitions and collections from all ages with an international approach.

From 12 September, the MUDEC will host the exhibition “Egypt: the extraordinary discovery of Pharaoh Amenofi II”, a journey that will let you retrace all the main characteristics of an ancient and deeply fascinating culture, touching all its spheres, from everyday life to the military one, from the Egyptian landscapes to the artefacts related to their concept of fashion. But the real focus of the exhibition is the discovery of the tomb of the Pharaoh with its treasures! Don’t miss it!


Museo della Permanente

4/10 – 28/01

Milan goes back to pay homage to the Far East Art with the collection made of 165 artworks by Utagawa Kuniyoshi, one of the most famous Japanese master. The exhibition is divided into sections dedicated to different themes from landscapes to traditions, from female illustrations to cats, from fantastic creatures to warriors.

A kind of world that seems so far away from us and that this appointment tries to make closer, in order to recall its atmospheres, the ancient wisdom, the technique knowledge.

A journey across a very antique, but still surprisingly current, Japan, ready to be discovered!


Hangar Bicocca

21/09 – 25/02

Another can’t-be-missed appointment with the work by Lucio Fontana, one of the most influential personalities of the Twentieth century. From 21 September, the Hangar Bicocca will be the place for a new exposition focused on the artist’s concepts of space and light: a corpus of works that, once again, brings out his original and innovative strength.

The tour will let you see also the artist’s lesser-known artworks: a very detailed and captivating study!

In autumn Milan really shows off, and all these museums are easily reachable, thanks also to the efficient means of transport, from the Hotel Cavour.

You only have to choose!


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