Milano on two wheels: the new bike sharing services

Far from the sultry summer, not so close to the cold winter temperatures: autumn is the perfect season for spending a day outdoor.

Have you ever though of visiting Milan “on two wheels?” Staying at Hotel Cavour, beyond its ideal position - a few steps from the Duomo - will give you the possibility to discover the city using a service that, recently, has been discussed a lot: the bike sharing service!

As well as various European cities, indeed, Milan is able to guarantee to bike lovers, tourists and citizens, a comfortable vehicle to visit the city, or just to move from a place to another avoiding the typical Milanese traffic.

In order to orient yourselves, today we are going to suggest you the best services in the city, combined with two of the most beautiful bicycle itineraries of Milan.

What do you need? To take a breath, a small comfortable backpack full with supplies and a bike, of course!


We would like to start with a kind of “old but gold” route, recommending an itinerary that will let you explore the most fascinating artistic and historical areas in the city.

To this route through the “old” Milan, we’ve combined the first city bike sharing service: BikeMi, promoted by Azienda Trasporti Milanesi (ATM)! Since 2008 until now, its bicycle proposal has been really improved, thanks to the realisation of new lighter prototypes, the upgrade and extension of the stations number, where you can rent your bicycle, and the official app for devices.

BikeMi is spread all over Milan now, so you have no excuses but starting to go biking!

From Hotel Cavour, getting on your two-wheels friend, you can reach Piazza della Scala with its well-known theatre, which is the historical place for different and prestigious opera and theatrical performances.

Get off your vehicle for a little while and you can enter into the crowded Galleria Vittorio Emanuele and arrive to Piazza Duomo, where to admire the beauty of the cathedral standing out against the autumn sky. After all, who dares to say that it’s possible to visit Milan without stopping by the wonderful Duomo?

From here, start to ride again! You can go to the Castello Sforzesco with its evocative frame, cross Parco Sempione where to have a quick lunch, and finally have a little a “cultural taste”, visiting the Triennale.

On the other hand, if you prefer to follow the Milanese historical traces a bit longer, from Piazza Duomo you can go through Via Torino and, passing over its new shops, you’ll find yourselves in front of the Santa Maria Church, near San Satiro, the Civico Tempio of San Sebastiano and the San Giorgio Church. Religious places that have characterized the identity of the city!

Are you ready to find out all the wonderful spots of this itinerary? So, download the BikeMi app, run towards the closer station and pick up your bicycle.

The warning is only one: drop it off always in the right place!


The second itinerary we would like to propose you, together with the most recent bike-sharing services, will take you to the “new” Milan, the one that seems to forget its historical monuments in order to save space for skyscrapers and buildings with a modern architecture.

First step: find your reliable two-wheels friend. How?

The newest bike sharing services MOBIKE and OFO are “free float” and let you book the bicycle in few clicks on the dedicated app. The watchwords are efficiency, speed, innovation and this is the reason why the stations where to leave the bike are just a memory. All these recent models are provided with GPS and Qr codes for the release, with a suitable lock, so that you can drop your bike off, within the law and common sense, wherever you prefer!

If you have already find your bike, it’s time to go biking, heading towards the most modern spots of Milano.

Leaving from our Hotel and going through via Filippo Turati, you can easily reach Stazione Centrale. This place is characterized not only by the sense of temporariness of the commuters, but also by its architecture which combines different styles, such as Liberty and Art Deco, together with monumental structures like the Galleria delle Carrozze.

Nearby, the Grattacielo Pirelli also rises up: its height and the imposing building will let you astonish.

Taking via Ferdinando di Savoia then, you can overcome Torre Diamante and Palazzo Samsung to meet a pedestrian and cycle bridge. This bridge, which is perfect for your vehicle, will bring you to the modern Piazza Gae Aulenti, where the Unicredit Pavilion and the Unicredit Tower - one of the highest skyscrapers in Italy - stand.

As the last stage of our itinerary dedicated to the new Milan, we’d like to point out the famous Bosco Verticale, an innovative model of residential building that looks at an eco-friendly future, careful to our ecosystem.

Thanks to your new bicycles, nothing and nobody will prevent you to spend an unforgettable day outdoor, through the colourful Milanese streets.

And if, after visiting the city by bike for hours, you would like to relax, at Hotel Cavour you don’t have to say a word: our Fitness&Relaxation area will be at your disposition.

We are waiting for you!





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