What to do in Milan in September

Are you looking for any idea about what to do in Milan in September?

Besides the shows which have enriched the Milanese summer, in September the city will be the core of a series of events, performances, exhibitions and art installations that will make enjoyable the end of summer.

We’ll see the Milan Fashion Week, the Italy Gran Prix in Monza and the exhibitions “Carne y Arena” and “XL – La festa della creatività italiana”.

From 20th to 27th September the highly-awaited Fashion Week will take place with its runway shows and events, which will enrich the whole city and fill it up with fashion–addicted people, bloggers, photographers and stylists coming from all over the world.

During this occasion, the new spring-summer collections of 2018 will be presented; collections that belong to all the most important Italian fashion firms in the world.

On the weekend of 1st September, all the “engines” lovers are going to gather at the Monza’s racetrack, for the Italian Gran Prix of F1. Like every year, starting from Friday – with the first rehearsal schedule – until Sunday, the day in which the racing will take place, thousands of race’s enthusiasts will fill the historical Monza’s facility.

A unique racetrack, surrounded by the green Park in Monza, which is possible to be visited all year-long also in its characteristic “elevated section”; this parabolic curve is no more used for the races but it has been just refurbished in order to admire its incredible incline. You can’t miss the opportunity to enjoy the engines circus in one of the historical circuits of the entire world championship!

The art installation of virtual reality “Carne y Arena” will be placed at Fondazione Prada, located in the Spazio del Deposito. It has been produced by the Fondazione Prada and Legendary Entertainment, with the signature of the famous Alejandro G. Iñárritu.

This project, which was presented during the 70th edition of Cannes Film Festival, aims to break the barriers between the audience and the movie, making it possible to walk through the show. The user, in fact, will be able to enjoy a 360-degree experience, retracing the journey of a refugees group, thanks to the most innovative virtual reality technologies.

From 16 to 26 September the exhibition “Milan XL – la festa della creatività italiana” will take place in different areas of Milan.

On the occasion of the Fashion Week, in 7 places of the city centre, spectacular art installations will be displayed in order to celebrate the Italian excellence and know-how. This is a project that will enliven the city thanks to the stories about the production chains and activities that make the Italian production unique in the world.

These are only a few of the events that will expect you in the city in September. If you wish to participate to these appointments, we’ll wait for you at Hotel Cavour, because the Milanese summer never stops!

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