A new museum for Milan: MUDEC

On March 27 MUDEC, the new Museum of Cultures, opened its doors in via Tortona 56 and is fully accessible to the public since October 28. A place that is worth visiting for those who come to Milan these days!

The mission of this newborn multicultural center is the promotion of art from all continents.

The Museum project was started in the Nineties when the Municipality of Milan acquired the former industrial area of Ansaldo to using it for cultural activities. Conceived in a socio-economic context very different from today, it was then reconsidered in light of a complexity unimaginable at that time. And according to us and many others it seems to be a successful project.

Inside the museum you can admire the permanent collection ranging from African artworks, oriental silks, fabrics, kimonos, theater masks, calligraphy boxes, scepters, painted porcelains and finely chiseled bronze sculptures.
The last room of the tour is dedicated to the post-war private collections influenced by the interest for non-European cultures shown by Avant-Garde art movements.

These days you can visit two exhibitions dedicated to Gauguin and to the pop icon Barbie.
Gauguin. Stories from heaven, brings together seventy works of the Parisian painter that show his fascination for the "primitive" art by comparing some his masterpieces and his sources of inspiration.

Barbie. The icon instead tells the story of the doll that interpreted social aesthetics and cultural transformations along more than half a century, representing 50 different nationalities as a mirror of global imaginaries.

Once you finished the visit we recommend you to take a walk in Tortona District: the neighborhood is animated by creative boutiques, small craft shops and typical restaurants, perfect for trying the real Milanese happy hour.

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