An unforgettable romantic walk in Milan!

Although the most romantic day of the year has passed, every day is the right one to take a romantic walk with your sweetheart.

If you are in Milan you can amaze and amaze yourself by walking … 70 meters high!


Where is it? The famous Milan Cathedral, symbol of the city of Milan, offers a great experience to do at least once in your life, like walking through the 135 spires of the cathedral.

Immersed in the majesty of the building, you can admire a wonderful sunset on the Milan skyline! Walking on the roof of the Duomo is a beautiful experience also because it is the walkable surface in the world that belonged to a more extended Gothic cathedral (about 8000 square meters).

Let yourself be moved by the beauty of the cathedral: an experience that you will remember!

At the end of the day you can come and visit us at our restaurant Conte Camillo for a dinner with a special menu.

We are waiting for you at the Hotel Cavour: our staff will give you all the information to reach these wonderful panoramic points.

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