Leonardo da Vinci – a journey into myth

Painter, sculptor, engineer, anatomist, musician and inventor, the great Leonardo was active in the most various fields of art and science. His mind produced artifacts of incredible precision and foresight. He wasn’t born in Milan, however he felt the city like home for a long time. A universal exhibition arrives in Milan to celebrate one of the most brilliant exponents of Italian art and creativity of all time, the undisputed symbol of Milan and its leading role in the field of technology, arts and industry.

Besides Mona Lisa.

Arrives at Palazzo Reale "the largest exhibition ever dedicated to Leonardo da Vinci"; it costed five years of preparation, but they are all worth it. Collecting all the works of a so versatile genius requires a huge job indeed. La Gioconda remains at the Louvre, which lent three paintings: Belle Ferronière, Annunciation e San Giovanni Battista. Also on display other portraits and Madonnas. From April 16th to July 19th, the big retrospective enchants the world with more than 200 pieces of art including paintings and drawings. It has already  been recorded an excellent result in terms of public.

Being Leonardo.

The same-named app allows a new and engaging fruition of his works, through interactive images and historical reconstructions: the user is driven into a unique journey through time to discover the fundamental places of its existence, its futuristic machines and famous paintings, told with an innovative language.

In a dedicated room are available with fee some virtual Samsung Gear VR viewers: by wearing the device, the visitors are transported in a 360° immersive and captivating experience. in front the user’s eyes come to life places, works and inventions of the great master that illuminated our Renaissance.


To get an overview of this universal genius extraordinary complexity, it’s also useful to visit Leonardo 3 - The World of Leonardo, another exhibition dedicated to the Florentine genius, free of charge on Sunday, April 26th. The show, opened in 2013 at Le Sale del Re  of la Scala square (entrance Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II), gives space to its engineering research by guiding visitors among models, interactive 3D machines, its original codes and more than a hundred autograph drawings (of which about thirty from the famous Atlantic Code and the Vitruvian Man, timeless icon that come from Accademia Galleries in Venice), as well as a large number of art works: manuscripts, sculptures, incunabula and XVI century’s books from the best known museums and libraries of the world.

Other fundamental stop-overs.

The Last Supper in Santa Maria delle Grazie (who needs no introduction, but advance booking) is another essential step of the journey.

Another necessary step nearby is the Science Museum, which takes its name from the Florentine master. The San Vittore Street pole exposes the most important collection of historical models constructed by interpreting da Vinci drawings, for a total of over 100 unique pieces.

This great meeting with knowledge prepares Milan to host the most important event in program this year, Expo2015. For our part, we’ll welcome our new guests with every courtesy and reserve them the best service ever. Because we are proud to live in a city that, when the culture calls, is always ready to respond.

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