Triennale of Milan, creativity on show

Today we’ll make you discover the Triennale of Milan, an international museum and cultural institution founded in 1923 that organizes exhibitions, conferences and events related to the subject of food for Expo 2015, and much more. Let's find out together!

Arts & Foods.
Open until November 1, Arts & Foods is the only pavilion built in the city of Milan. Set up in the indoor and outdoor spaces of the Triennale, the exhibition will trace the developments and the solutions adopted to relate to food since 1851 - year of the first Expo in London. From tools to the set table and the picnic, the changing design of bars and restaurants up to the change of approach in travelling. You can visit the exhibition with the same ticket of Expo.

Books & Foods.

The "Books & Foods" exhibition shows, until November 1, historical and contemporary materials about public restaurant industry, from the Triennial Museums café / restaurant to the Nicholson Cafe in New York, and a selection of images, ranging from home kitchen environment to home-cooking. The entry is free.

Lectio Magistralis.

If you are fond of photography, you may be interested in the series of meetings with the most important Italian artists. Thursday, May 7 at 19:00, Efrem Raimondi - specialized in portraits of celebrities and design - opens the new cycle organized by AFIP International with an evening titled "Photography does not exist", introduced by the comedian Raul Cremona. All the Lectio magistralis will be broadcasted in live streaming on the AFIP International website.

Triennale Terrace.

To lunch away from the city you just need to climb a few stairs: on top of the building there is a transparent greenhouse surrounded by greenery and overlooking Sempione Park, with a spectacular view of the Castello Sforzesco. Stairway to Heaven.

Design Cafè.

After 200 years of glorious history, Cova Café leaves for the first time the center of Milan to settle in Triennale and get back to its old vocation of literary cafe and meeting place for intellectuals. In order to celebrate this collaboration, it created the new TriCova cocktail, served during the Milanese rite of aperitif as an alternative to the legendary Covino. Open from April to October.

The Mysterious Baths.

If while you're sipping your cocktail you see emerging from a swimming pool two swimmers, a trampoline, a ball, a cabin, a swan, a fish and a source do not worry. You didn’t overdo with alcohol, you are admiring the "The Mysterious Baths" fountain, piece of art created by Giorgio de Chirico for a 1973 exhibition. On occasion of Expo 2015 marks left by vandals and bad weather had been canceled, bringing it back to its former glory. Milanese citizens say thanks.

We suggest our guests to prepare for the meeting with the Beauty hedged in the Triennale of Milan by reaching it by foot: the half-hour walk goes through the characteristic little streets of Brera and across Sempione Park, where the Palace is built.

Visit the Triennale website to get all the events calendar.


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